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What can funders consider when responding to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has upended the world as we know it. And while we are all susceptible to the virus, we know that the impact is not carried equally.

April 13, 2020


What happens when the advised COVID-19 safety measures aren’t possible?

What we are learning from our grassroots partners in the Global South For years, our grassroots partners have been resisting, reforming and challenging the current system, while building, defending and transforming pathways…

April 07, 2020

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Global Grassroots Responses in Times of COVID-19

With global economic systems and governments largely failing to respond to their needs, how can local communities be self-reliant and control their food, economic, and energy systems? Given the increase in…

April 02, 2020

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Above & Beyond Solidarity Fund: Supporting grassroots action against COVID-19

at Thousand Currents are committed to going above and beyond with them. In addition to our regular grantmaking, we are sending unrestricted grants to our grassroots partners to meet their urgent needs. Can we count on you to contribute to our Above & Beyond Solidarity Fund today?

March 24, 2020


We are more committed than ever to stand firmly by our partners.

As the global community comes to terms with our new realities, may we all act in big and small ways to meet the moment: with our vision set on a world that is fundamentally changed for the better; from the grassroots up.

March 23, 2020

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What does solidarity look like in times of coronavirus?

Whether you are adjusting to a new reality of sheltering in place, struck by major economic shifts, or have impacted loved ones –– one sure thing is that you are not alone.

March 19, 2020

Alternative EconomiesAsiaClimate JusticeFood SovereigntyGrassroots Leadership

Nepal’s grassroots communities charting sustainable futures

February 20, 2020

AfricaClimate JusticeFood SovereigntyGrassroots LeadershipREGION

The African ecological think tank advancing climate justice and food sovereignty

January 23, 2020

Alternative EconomiesClimate JusticeGrassroots LeadershipLatin America

Thousand Currents Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its partner DESMI

Congratulations to our partner of 25 years!

January 15, 2020

Alternative EconomiesClimate JusticeFood SovereigntyGrassroots LeadershipLatin America

Miles de Afluentes (Thousand Currents) Celebra Los 50 Años de su contraparte DESMI

¡Felicidades a nuestra contraparte de más de 25 años!

January 15, 2020