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Buen Vivir Fund

A Pathway to a Healthy Abundant Future


Buen Vivir Fund (english version) from What Took You So Long? on Vimeo.


The Buen Vivir Fund is the collective response of Thousand Currents and our partners to the need for a truly transformative approach to impact investing. Together, we are designing forms of investment that support grassroots economic initiatives to build wealth, community power, and wellbeing.

The concept of buen vivir comes from Latin American indigenous movements and implies “right living” or life in balance with community, natural systems, and future generations.

The Buen Vivir Fund seeks to promote financial models and practices that support communities’ holistic wellbeing, as opposed to focusing solely on maximizing individuals’ capital accumulation.

Rather than those with the money imposing terms, the Buen Vivir Fund investment model identifies lending practices developed by grassroots groups themselves that are already proving effective on the ground. Together, the Buen Vivir Fund members uplift and apply these practices to the level of a global investment fund.

Learn five ways the Buen Vivir Fund is unique in our infographic here.

Investment Project Profiles

The Buen Vivir Fund launched its first round of investment in early 2018 to support nine remarkable projects led by organizations across Latin America, North America, Southern Africa, and South Asia. The total investment includes $375,000 in loan capital, $152,500 in grant capital, and investments beyond numbers among Fund members and ally-advisers via advising, learning-exchange, and sharing of tools and practices.

The work of the nine projects spans a variety of sectors, including healthcare, housing, small business development for artisans and farmers, environmental and climate protection, and shifting practice in impact investment.

All of the projects are powered by the membership or close collaboration with the local community. Many of the organizations focus on preserving or restoring Indigenous sovereignty. Over half of the organizations work on addressing climate change or environmental protection. Additionally, more than half of the organizations focus on women’s rights and leadership.

Learn more about the Projects from the 1st cycle of investment of the Buen Vivir Fund:


More About the Buen Vivir Fund

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Buen Vivir Fund Members

Whether grassroots organizations, foundations, family investment offices, or young investor collectives, all members of the Buen Vivir Fund are selected because they are leaders in practicing forms of investment that support people, communities, and the earth.

  1. Women’s Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez (AFEDES)
  2. CIELO (Federación Indígena Empresarial y Comunidades Locales de México)
  3. DESMI (Social and Economic Development for Indigenous Mexicans)
  4. An anonymous donor represented by Dietel & Partners
  5. EduPaz
  7. ISMUGUA (Institute for Overcoming Urban Poverty)
  8. Libra Foundation, with Candide Group
  9. Ñepi Behña
  10. NoVo Foundation
  11. Regenerative Finance
  12. Swift Foundation
  13. Tan Giving
  14. Ubunye Foundation
  15. Wallace Global Fund
  16. The Whitman Institute
  17. Whole World Women Association
  18. Women Awareness Center Nepal


Buen Vivir Fund Founding Advisors:

  1. Joanna Levitt Cea, former Director of the Buen Vivir Fund
  2. Bruce Campbell, Blue Dot Advocates
  3. Carmen Rojas, The Workers Lab
  4. Cynthia Jaggi, GatherWell and Living Economy Advisers
  5. Fred Berkowitz and Sasha Rabsey
  6. Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds
  7. Jorge Santiago, author and expert on solidarity economy
  8. Movement Generation
  9. RSF Social Finance
  10. Transform Finance
  11. The Working World
  12. Whitney Mayer, Hershey Company


Questions? Contact Gaithiri Siva, Director of the Buen Vivir Fund, at gaithiri (at) thousandcurrents (dot) org.

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The inspiration behind the Buen Vivir Fund is to re-imagine our economy and our investment practices.

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