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Daughter of storytellers, farmworkers, and genocide

By Gabriela Hylton Garza, Thousand Currents Executive Asisstant

Gabriela has a deep passion for photography, especially photos of exquisite waters; pictured here is Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, 2006

A tender heart
Is what carries
Me forward
Rooted in
The wisdom of my
Of water
And love of
Mother Earth

I am the daughter of
Slave trade
Community builders
Lovers of gooooood foooood
Multigenerational gatherings
Taking risks
Following your heart
Trusting your intuition
Active listening
Enjoying your life

Gabriela & grandmother Eugenia Eurilda DaCosta Hylton pictured at age 96. She passed away at age 100 years young.

As I deepen my connection with my ancestors
My path forward becomes more clear
The grandmothers call forth gifts to be shared
No choice but to allow your light to shine

I am blessed to be part of a Grandmother Circle
Guided by 4 indigenous grandmothers of the Americas
All with infinite wisdom and unconditional love
Dripping from every pore of their bodies
With their beaming hearts holding sacred space
I began to sing and cry and sing some more
Songs burst forth, aching to be shared,
Aching to return home
To their original songstresses
Back to their lineages, back to before
A bit sore and confused
But oh so ecstatic to be on the tongues of
Beloved granddaughters and great granddaughters
Of these earth shattering grandmothers


With a dear friend, Elli Nagai-Rothe, Gabriela offers Mama Blessings for women as they prepare to welcome the life of a new little one to their family.

It is new for me to see people of color and Indigenous peoples in power, in leadership, receiving respect, being heard, sharing love, and being brilliant! I’m committed to surrounding myself with these vibrant individuals. That was one of the main reasons I chose to work at Thousand Currents. I found a team of individuals whose values matched mine, who understands the importance of family, work-life balance, and the importance of creativity and choice.

As the new Executive Assistant, I hope to not only support Solomé but also the entire team’s wellness. This includes:

How we collaborate
How to feel connected as we become more virtual
How we communicate
How we offer comprehensive health benefits
How we share appreciations
How we welcome new staff
And so much more…

It’s really an honor to work for an organization that uplifts the voices of Women, Indigenous peoples, and youth. What a gift to be here now during these precious times.