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Global Grassroots Responses in Times of COVID-19

With global economic systems and governments largely failing to respond to their needs, how can local communities be self-reliant and control their food, economic, and energy systems? 

Given the increase in state-sponsored violence and power in response to COVID-19, how will movements and communities organize to support their members to stay healthy as well as decrease their vulnerability to an increase in repression?

How can women struggling with domestic violence be protected in this moment when they are forced to stay indoors?

These are some of the questions that our grassroots groups and movement partners in the Global South contend with in the face of a growing pandemic. 

Please join Thousand Currents for a virtual gathering to hear stories about how COVID-19 is affecting communities in the Global South. Together, we will share and discuss how Thousand Currents’ grassroots partners are responding to this crisis and its connection to their long-term work on food sovereignty, economic alternatives, and climate justice. 

Global Grassroots Responses in Times of COVID-19 
Wednesday, April 8th 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST
Free! Register here.

By Ayse Gursoz , Communications Manager