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How do you want to show up for India today

Just in the Thar Desert of India, up to 7,000 new COVID-19 cases are being reported daily, though experts estimate true infection rates could be 10X higher than official reports. Our grassroots partner GRAVIS tells us that very small numbers of people in rural areas have been vaccinated, essential supplies are in scarce supply, and that lockdowns are restricting all income-generating activities. The forthcoming farming season — a critical source for community resilience — will be bleak if the situation does not improve quickly. 

And India is not alone. Across the Global South, we are hearing devastating stories of systemic failure as communities are ripped apart by alarmingly high COVID-19 infection and death rates. From the Philippines to Brazil to South Africa, our grassroots partners are rapidly organizing community relief efforts and building readiness in response to this moment. 

They need our help. They are in dire need of:

  • Oxygen tanks
  • Drinking water
  • Food items
  • Masks and soap
  • Transportation for testing and treatment
  • Cash for cremations and funerals 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Long-term wellness support

Thousand Currents is responding to the call of our community with the People for People Fund. This fund will both provide emergency relief AND bring continuous support to our grassroots and movement partners—who will be dealing with COVID-19’s impact long after Global North vaccinations are complete. While many of us start to see the light, we have to make sure it’s bright enough for everyone. 

Will you join us now to answer the call from our partners in India and around the world? 

Above and beyond support never ends. Over the coming weeks, you will hear how our grassroots partners continue to step up and reinforce power-building solutions from below. We hope you will walk alongside our partners as they navigate multiple impacts from this unprecedented crisis, and consider a meaningful and generous gift today.

In solidarity,

Rajiv Khanna
Director of Philanthropic Partnerships

By Thousand Currents