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It’s another edition of #FridayFreedom playlists

Thousand Currents staff share some of their favorite tunes that sustain them. 

Enjoy our 3rd edition of #FridayFreedom playlist below!


From Jennifer Lentfer, Director of Communications:

 A 90s reminder of how duty and joy are wrapped up together


From Jinky de Rivera, Director of Finance and Adminstration:


From Joanna Levitt Cea, Director of  Buen Vivir Fund:


From Jessie Spector, Director of Donor Organizing:

The lyrics remind me that things are gonna be ok.


From  Rajiv Khanna, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships:


From Katherine Zavala, Regional Program Director, Latin America :

And BONUS track!…

From Verónica Moreno, Community Engagement Manager:

Funk music transcends language, culture, borders. 


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