Join Thousand Currents’ second climate justice giving circle for Resource Generation members – nationally! 


Apply today! Applications deadline is December 20, 2020.

Thousand Currents has a history of practice with engaging in transformative donor organizing through our one-to-one relationships, our Thousand Currents Academy and other trainings, and in workshop offerings at Resource Generation’s and other retreats.  

In 2020, we partnered with the Bay Area RG Chapter (BARG) to form our first-ever giving circle. It was a truly enriching experience for everyone involved. Additionally, the members of the circle gave and fundraised a total of about $400,000 to move to Thousand Currents’ Global South grassroots partners leading the way toward climate solutions.

What is the goal and what will you learn? 
We aim to create an opportunity for wealthy, progressive, young adults to fund climate justice solutions in a well-informed, embodied, relational, and transformational way. We invite you to lean into Thousand Currents’ trust-based approach to grantmaking, and our ethos of following the leadership of grassroots movements. This is an opportunity to shift power and decision making in resource allocation while being in a learning relationship with Thousand Currents and our grassroots partners. 
The giving circle process will include: 

  • Relationship- and trust-building amongst circle members, Thousand Currents staff and grassroots partners
  • Contextualizing the climate crisis from a Global South, grassroots & movement perspective, and understanding holistic climate justice solutions such as Indigenous stewardship of land and resources, agroecology, and campaigns to stop extractive practices 
  • Analysis of the gaps and opportunities in climate philanthropy, and how Thousand Currents supports a movement ecosystem approach to grantmaking 
  • Reflecting on how class privilege and other identities impact our ability to feel connected to climate change, and how to shift it
  • Fundraising and donor organizing training from Thousand Currents in our relational, transformative approach
  • Determining good practices as donors beyond giving financially, for this central issue of our time
Thousand Currents is excited to announce the launch of our next giving circle with RG, this time opened to members who are young people with wealth located anywhere in the U.S. 

What are the logistics? 

  • The circle will include approximately 12 RG member-participants 
  • We will start in January, 2021 
  • We plan to meet roughly once a month, for 6 months 
  • Gatherings will be 2-3 hours long (including breaks!) and happen via Zoom
  • Primary facilitators will be Thousand Currents staff and include guest facilitation and presentation by partner organizations

Who should apply? 

  • Dues-paying members of RG who identify as young people with wealth or class privilege 
  • People who are able to commit to give $10,000 or more themselves (or via a family giving vehicle) as well as try to fundraise at least an additional $10,000 from their community
  • People who have a baseline experience with RG –– a praxis group or national retreat, for example
  • No need to have any prior familiarity with Global South grassroots movements, nor fundraising 
Apply here!
Application deadline is December 20, 2020.

Questions? Email Jessie Spector, Thousand Currents’ Director of Donor Organizing, at [email protected]