it takes joy

Our grassroots partners teach us...

In the midst of what often seem like insurmountable global and U.S. political realities,
there is always joy to be found. 

It is the practice of cultivating joy – even and especially in the midst of struggle – that fuels our partners’ work. They teach us that joy is found…

  • In nature, in the currents of the air and the sea
  • In dance, in song, in movement
  • In the “little moments” between loved ones and strangers
  • In coming to the table together to share food and drink
  • In the observing, being present

To lift your spirits and reignite your sense of hope and unity, below we share our community’s joy – stories filled with connections between the local and global, between the past and the present, between our supporters and our grassroots partners. Enjoy!

Gather with joy! 

Please join us December 7th at 6pm at Tertulia Coffee in Oakland to (re)connect to the Thousand Currents community, and be (re)inspired by the work of our grassroots partners. Follow link below for more details.

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Stay tuned for more stories of joy!