La Via Campesina (LVC)

Defending food sovereignty across the world

La Via Campesina (LVC)
Global | Founded in 1993 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2019 | Website

La Via Campesina (LVC) is an international movement driven by approximately  200 million peasants, small and medium size farmers, landless people, rural women and youth, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers. LVC has 182 member organizations in 81 countries which are organized into the following regions currently: Southern and Eastern Africa, Western and Central Africa, Arab and Northern Africa, South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, Caribbean, and South America

Harnessing the solidarity among its members, LVC defends peasant agriculture for food sovereignty as a way to promote social justice and dignity and oppose corporate driven agriculture that destroys nature and social relations. LVC’s work centers around three struggles:

  • defending food sovereignty and struggling for land and agrarian reforms
  • promoting agroecology and defending local seeds
  • promoting peasant rights and struggling against the criminalisation of peasants.

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