No to fake forests! IDEX partners stage march at the UN World Forestry Congress

Yeshica Weerasekera, Thousand Currents’ former Africa Regional Director, participated in the “Real Forest Rally” in Durban, South Africa. The march was part of the Civil Society Alternative Programme 2015: People’s alternative to the U.N.’s World Forestry Congress 2015. Yeshica shares her photos and commentary from the march below:

We march for justice for forests and peoples! Plantations are not forests!
Wonderful to be at the fantastic, well organized march in Durban, South Africa today with thousands in the streets.
The energy, determination, and the powerful toi-toi chanting and dancing was so uplifting. Amandla!
Nnimmo Bassey, renowned Nigerian environmental activist, addresses the crowd.
3,000 school children turned out thanks to the great organizing work of Thousand Currents partner, South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) working on environmental justice issues in South Durban.
The contingent from Thousand Currents partner Surplus People Project chanting.
Thousand Currents partner Biowatch SA came out in force.
It was wonderful to meet Adivasi tribal women and forest activists from India.
The youth energy and engagement at today’s march in Durban was beautiful!

You can see more #CSAP2015 photos here and here‪#‎NO2fakeforests‬!


*Thousand Currents changed its name from IDEX in 2016

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