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Ode to an organization I have loved and love still

By Jennifer Lentfer, Director of Communications (upon her departure)

When you invited me in, over four years ago now, I came…tired, broken, yearning. I had given everything to others, my insides raw. I arrived with little energy to meet the new challenges.

You replied, “Come, heal.” 

You said, “We are whole beings first.

You invited, “Here we reimagine what the future can be.

There was a “we” that held us. A “we” that was thick and ripe and pregnant. I had not been part of a “we” that was as honest and accountable…ever, really. 

“We” were far from perfect. There was stumbling and bumbling. But alongside any hurts and disappointments, you always offered ever-present learning, acceptance, a chance to try again.

Most organizations are not so generous. 

You call us to more, while upholding our enoughness.

You call us to less, because we are but one among many currents of change. You demonstrate a “right role” alongside those fighting for their families and communities, their self-determination, their lives, for Mother Earth. 

Thousand Currents, I am beyond grateful to be among your “we” for these past four years. I’m proud of what I threw into the gumbo pot. I’m proud of our work together to resource proven and powerful local movements, grounded in what tethers us to each other and to the planet. 

How thankful I am to have played this small part in such a vast, interdependent, moving global picture. I’ll continue to do my part, because you welcomed me, taught me, healed me, and gave me a glimpse of the potential in the multitude that will be with me all of my days.

I am forever changed by you. I am forever called by you. 

And as I leave you, you whisper, “May you continue to know your voice, power, force, and direction…

Once a current, always a current. Let us all continue to flow…


Photo above by Geet Sharma of fotocause.org. 

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