Founded in 2015 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2018

Digo Bikas Institute

Promoting sustainable alternatives for people and planet

Digo Bikas Institute (DBI) is a youth-led research and advocacy organization committed to promoting ecological sustainability and social equity at policy and community levels. Based in Kathmandu, DBI believes that Nepal (and the rest of the world) can develop meaningfully by identifying and applying sustainable and equitable ways of meeting human needs without harming nature and fellow human beings.

Digo Bikas Institute’s main focus areas are:

  • Rethinking Development: DBI works on research and advocacy to promote ecological sustainability, economic justice, and social prosperity.
  • Climate Justice: DBI promotes real solutions and alternatives based on the ideas and experiences of communities at the frontlines of climate change through policy analysis, advocacy, and national and international network building.
  • Sustainability Watch: DBI monitors and tracks the implementation of environmental regulations and progress of policies related to sustainable development in Nepal.
  • Sustainability Education: Through sustainability education, DBI provides space for creation and sharing of knowledge that incorporate issues of ecological sustainability and social equity, helping people understand that environment and development are inseparable and that ecological devastation brings inequality and injustice.

You can learn more about Digo Bikas Institute on our blog.

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