Founded in 2017 | Thousand Currents Tactical Partner since 2023


Disrupting capitalist ideological hegemony

Founded as a project of Tunisie Al Warcha Association in 2017, Inyihez works as a media collective that coordinates a website that disrupts the capitalist ideological hegemony that mainstream media propagates. Its core thematic areas of work are political economy, arts and culture, social struggles, climate change and alternatives. It seeks to create a space of free thinking and debate, free from capitalist values and limitations. Inhiyez chooses to publish their work in Arabic language with an eventual goal of disrupting the systematic marginalization and eradication of Indigenous languages. Inyihez centers the struggles of Indigenous peoples, popular and impoverished classes in urban and rural areas, women and all grassroots communities that absorb the shock of the crises of capitalism. It is resolute that having a clear political approach does not have to descend into crude populist propaganda.