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Kilusan para sa Repormang Agraryo at Katarungang Panlipunan

Keeping the vision of agrarian reform alive in the Philippines

Kilusan para sa Repormang Agraryo at Katarungang Panlipunan (KATARUNGAN) or ‘Movement for Agrarian Reform and Social Justice’ is a mass movement of Filipino peasants that are holding their government accountable to complete its historic commitments to agrarian reform. With membership spanning landless rural people, small land holders, upland dwellers, rural informal settlers and Indigenous peoples, KATARUNGANS members have campaigned for various issues affecting rural communities. They have opposed the criminalization of peasants and succeeded in the dismissal of over 300 criminal cases against the peasant community. They have exposed disaster capitalism following typhoons and campaigned for the inclusion of landless peasants in receiving post disaster support. They have organized land occupations and promoted agroecology and food sovereignty as viable alternatives to the current corporate dominated food system. Over the last decade, KATARUNGAN members have undertaken many land rights initiatives in agrarian hotspots which have led to victories like 12,000 hectares of land being successfully redistributed in favor of around 8,000 farmers despite facing harassment and attacks.