Founded in 2004 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2010

Ñepi Behña / Corazón Verde

Crocheting away patriarchal attitudes

Ñepi Behña supports women’s cooperatives seeking to build alternative economies, fair trade, and food and environmental sustainability, and supports the leadership of rural, Indigenous women to promote gender equity and Indigenous culture. They are located in Hidalgo, Mexico, an area deeply impacted by climate change, The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and big agricultural business.

Their Economic Alternatives Program focuses on local, traditional artisanship that is created sustainably and sold at fair prices, and encourages collaboration with other women-led artisan groups. This program created the Corazón Verde network that expands across Chiapas, Pueblo, Mexico State and Mexico City.

Ñepi Behña’s Indigenous Women Leadership Program has supported 300 Indigenous Ñähñhús women to become community advocates who replicate workshops centered on human rights and women’s empowerment in their Indigenous language.

The Food and Environment Sustainability Program supports women to become eco-advocates on agroecological practices and eco-technology, and engage in the reforestation of local agave and rescue of native seeds varieties.

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