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Using journalism to promote accountability

The Asociación de Periodismo de Investigación OjoPúblico (OjoPúblico) is a Peruvian digital investigative journalism organization founded in 2014 to generate accessible and reliable information of public interest on abuses of power and bad corporate and political practices. Through the generation of journalistic content with a cross-border focus, OjoPúblico promotes accountability on tax justice and inequality, the impact of extractive industries on the environment and Indigenous peoples, and the fight against disinformation in Perú and in Latin America.

OjoPúblico’s vision and mission are:

  • Promoting democracy, transparency, human rights, and respect for minorities and vulnerable populations,
  • Revealing relevant information on issues such as inequality, the defense of human rights, and the impact of extractive industries on natural resources,
  • Promoting training in investigative journalism and fact-checking methodologies and the use of new technologies in newsrooms.

Since 2016, their program OjoLab, a training program for journalists and members of regional civil society organizations supports them in verification of facts, developing new narratives on issues of public interest and human rights, and using technology for social impact. OjoPúblico has received several international awards, including the Sigma Awards in 2020 for their innovative work in data journalism, the 2021 Digital Media Award Worldwide to the Best Project for News Literacy and the 2021 Excellence in Journalism Award in the category of Human Rights and Community Service granted by the Inter American Press Association.

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