Asociación para la Promoción de la Salud y el Desarrollo Socio-Económico

The right to health means cleaning up local water systems

Asociación para la Promoción de la Salud y el Desarrollo Socio-Económico (APROSADSE) /
Association for the Promotion of Health and Social Economic Development

Guatemala | Founded in 1978 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2006

Asociación para la Promoción de la Salud y el Desarrollo Socio-Económico’s (APROSADSE) mission is to contribute towards communities’ right to health, especially those from the most vulnerable families, prioritizing women and children. Strategies involve organized communities, building leadership in rural communities in the municipality of San Martín Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango.

For the past three decades, APROSADSE has been supporting and building community leadership and sustainability in the municipality of San Martín Jilotepeque. Most of the indigenous Mayan Kaqchikel members living in this area are peasant farmers. The history in San Martin Jilotepeque is marked by its targeted location of indigenous persecution during Guatemala’s 36-year civil war. This armed conflict forced APROSADSE’s indigenous founders to go into hiding and cease its activities until 1986.

Since then, APROSADSE’s programs have focused on community-led solutions to improving local systems in health, education, and sustainable food production. Most recently, the programs have shifted towards strengthening an integrated community health system, understanding the intersections of environment, food and community organizing needed to achieve this.

In recent years, APROSADSE has supported the organizing and leadership of communities to form Health Committees. The primary goal for each Health Committee is to take ownership of their community health strategy, prioritizing preventive health activities such as implementing family vegetable gardens. But furthermore, the Health Committees has created a system for direct support from local municipality resources.

The most recent success was completing the clean up for the 152 water systems, which improved community health, thanks to APROSADSE’s engagement strategy with the municipality office. In a period of three years, San Martin Jilotepeque is the only municipality who has cleaned up all its water systems in the state of Chimaltenango.

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