Institute for Young Women Development

Stepping into personal and political power

Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD)
Zimbabwe | Founded 2009 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2018 | IYWD Facebook Page 

The Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD) is a young feminist organization whose approach and work is informed by the voices and experiences of young women in rural, farming, and mining communities in Zimbabwe. IYWD is committed to mobilizing and strengthening the voice and power of young women through building their capacity on human rights, equality, and entrepreneurship skills so that young women can organize themselves, demand accountability, and become capable of transforming their lives through income generating activities. 

IYWD’s work is guided by four strategic pillars:

  • Strengthened political engagement: Strengthen constituency’s capacity to engage in strategic political spaces and processes in order to inform and influence.
  • Strengthened entrepreneurship among young women: Provide a comprehensive list and explanation of the resources available in Mashonaland Central province and, if possible nationally, strengthen the capacity of young women to engage in entrepreneurial activities
  • Increased attention to self care and well being: Aim to ensure the state of being healthy, fulfilled, and thriving at individual and organisational levels
  • Strengthened organisational development and stewardship: Aim to ensure that their organisation is run in a professional and sustainable manner

One of IYWD’s strategic visions is to strengthen entrepreneurship among young women. To do so, the IYWD provides a comprehensive list and explanation of economic resources available to IYWD members in their province. In addition, IYWD has designed an entrepreneurship program based on the principles of training in business and financial management, marketing, personal mastery, and advocacy in relation to policy on business and entrepreneurship issues. Furthermore, the model entails a support system including a start up grant/or loan, mentorship, and market linkages. Through its entrepreneurship program, IYWD intends to connect the young women with resources that can allow them to generate income to become self-reliant and independent, enhance their standing in their families and community, and give them greater leverage in decision making.

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