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Ñepi Behña / Women of Dignity
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Mexico | Founded in 2004 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2010
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All of Ñepi Behña’s workshops and training programs are based on values that promote community-based organizing and the creation of solutions for the Buen Vivir of indigenous communities, using a popular education methodology and gender justice lens.

The Indigenous Women Leadership Program has supported 300 indigenous ñähñhús women living in the Valle de Mezquital region in the state of Hidalgo, preparing them to become community promoters and advocates who then go on to replicate workshops with other women in their indigenous language. Ñepi Behña shares tools of knowledge, information on human rights, and collective contextual analysis, all to strengthen women’s empowerment processes.

The Economic Alternatives Program focuses on the production and promotion of local, tradition and innovative artisanship that is created sustainably and sold at fair prices. This model is an income-generating strategy for artisans who want to strengthen the cultural identity value in their artisanship, as they are working collectively in an empowerment process with other artisan groups led by women. This program was initiated with the Ya Muntsi Behña cooperative, founded in 1998, in the Valle de Mezquital region. Years later, the program has created the Corazón Verde network, which today includes artisan groups/organizations from the following states: Chiapas, Pueblo, Mexico State and Mexico City.

In addition, Ñepi Behña offers consultancy to local indigenous and non-indigenous women organizations in Mexico on the promotion and work of fair trade with values of gender equity and environmental care. Ñepi Behña facilitates participatory processes where mechanisms are built to increase access to markets, having a positive impact towards the Buen Vivir of indigenous communities.

The Food and Environment Sustainability program promotes a culture of care and appreciation towards the natural resources used for sustainable and healthy food production. Agroecological practices and eco-technology are shared through a team of women eco-promoters that encourage community participation. This program also includes the reforestation of local agave and rescuing native seeds varieties.

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