Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda

African-centered, self-determined, and people powered

Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda
South Africa | Founded 2002 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2018 |

Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda is a community-owned rural movement organising for community self-determination in Keiskammahoek. Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda is named after the historic Ntaba kaNdoda mountain which was used by the Khoi indigenous people of South Africa as a sacred site for rainmaking rites. It was also the site for a peace and land treaty between the Khoi and amaXhosa.
Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda mobilises, organises and supports villagers to envision and drive their own self-empowerment, and actively promotes community-driven, integrated, and ecologically sustainable development. Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda does this work in 5 programmes:

  • community heritage, arts, and culture
  • the solidarity economy alternative for sustainable livelihoods
  • development & food sovereignty
  • quality public education & youth development
  • rights-based participatory democracy

Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda is democratically controlled by the local communities who came together and formed this organisation in September 2002. Currently members come from 13 Ntaba kaNdoda villages, and Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda is mobilizing to expand work to all 42 villages of Keiskammahoek. Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda also provides strategic campaign coordination and political education with other rural movements.

The work of Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda directly benefits the estimated 50,000 people who live in Keiskammahoek. To date Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda’s work reaches and benefits 8 local high schools, 15 local primary schools, 20 early childhood development centres, 20 local cooperatives, 200 local youths, 50 local women leaders, and 28 rural movements across the Eastern Cape and the Inyanda National Land Movement.

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