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Whole World Women Association

Challenging xenophobia and creating a whole world

Whole World Women Association (WWWA)
South Africa | Founded in 2007 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2010 | www.wwwassociation.org

Whole World Women Association (WWWA) is a multicultural nonprofit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa, which started off as a support group where refugee women could meet to discuss their issues. WWWA was founded by a remarkable group of refugee women, supported by South African women, who had experienced first hand the need for more comprehensive refugee services specifically addressing women in Cape Town.

WWWA works to empower and support the large and often overlooked community of refugee, asylum seeking, and migrant women in South Africa. WWWA assists refugee, asylum seeking, and migrant women who are facing gross injustices and  incredible and complex challenges in relocating. WWWA is determined to address these challenges as well as the serious problem of xenophobia within South Africa in hopes of eradicating it one day.

WWWA hopes to create and promote solidarity among all women from all walks of life throughout South Africa. The goal is for refugee, asylum seeking, and migrant women to experience restored dignity, increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-reliance. All WWWA programmes are carefully developed to respond to the complex needs of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, their children and families with a primary aim to create measurable positive and long lasting impacts on their lives. WWWA offers a range of services including; support for abused women; skills development; advocacy for women’s rights; women’s health programming; and social cohesion programming.

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