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Resource Generation Giving Circle

Join Thousand Currents’ Climate for High Net Wealth RG members!

Apply today! 

Applications due August 1, 2022

We’ve heard Resource Generation (RG) members who identify as high financial net wealth (HNW) ask for a space specifically geared toward the experience of giving and fundraising for six-figure+ gifts. 

So, we’re providing it! 

Game-changing climate funding

Thousand Currents believes that when grassroots groups and social movements have the relationships and financial and intellectual resources they desire, they are strengthened to transform the world by changing cultures, systems, and institutions towards self-determination, justice and equity around the world. 

Climate change, the most pressing existential crisis confronting humanity, receives only 2% of all philanthropic giving worldwide. Global South movements receive just a fraction of this, yet are implementing innovative and just solutions that will build sustainable futures for all of us.

At the same time, 92% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the Global North. Yet, Global South communities living on the margins who have contributed least to this crisis not only shoulder the maximum burden of impact, but are also implementing nuanced, effective, and interconnected solutions.

“This project has given me a profound sense of hope regarding what is possible in response to the climate crisis. I was already motivated to take action but that action had been very U.S.-centered. The global perspective of this work with Thousand Currents will stay with me.”

-2022 Resource Generation Attendee

 Turning the tide on this global inequity

Funding climate work can feel overwhelming on an individual level, but this is an opportunity to do it collectively. 

In this pivotal moment, we have a chance to support the bold and ambitious systemic change visions of climate justice movements in the Global South with long-term, solidarity based, core funding like we do at Thousand Currents.

Unfortunately, this is still a rare practice in philanthropy, so you can be at the cutting edge of innovative funding models. Imagine what would be possible if we moved $5 million, let alone $500 million!

How will this support multifaceted goals?

This Giving Circle will create an opportunity for HNW RG members to be inspired by climate justice solutions in a well-informed, embodied, relational, and transformational way in order to increase funding. We do this by:

  • Fostering authentic relationship-building amongst RG members, between RG members and Thousand Currents staff, and RG members and Global South movement leaders 
  • Buoying hope and motivation to deepen commitment to climate solutions through sharing the inspiring, true stories, and strategies of Thousand Currents and our movement partners 
  • Providing resources, tools, strategies, expertise, advice, guidance, accompaniment, and genuine understanding to support the process of HNW individual giving, fundraising, and advocating for Global South climate solutions now — and in the future
  • Inviting participants to lean into Thousand Currents’ trust-based approach to grantmaking by shifting power and decision making in resource allocation, while being in a learning relationship with Thousand Currents and our movement partners 

What participants will take away from their experience: 

  • An understanding of holistic climate justice solutions from a Global South movement perspective such as Indigenous stewardship of land and resources, agroecology, and campaigns to stop extractive practice 
  • An internationalist lens on U.S. frameworks, from racial justice and reparations to the Green New Deal, and the opportunity to address globalized historical inequities through global giving     
  • Fundraising and donor organizing training in our relational, transformative approach
  • The opportunity to bring a guest to some of our education sessions 
  • One-on-one accompaniment and coaching from senior Thousand Currents team members 
  • Increased ability to determine good practices as donors beyond financial gifts for this critical issue
  • Analysis of how funding grassroots climate solutions is a way to cut across silos, and see giving to climate solutions as a globally interconnected systems-change opportunity

Where are the logistical details?

    • Kick off in September 2022, convening for 6-8 months
    • Monthly full group sessions, a few of which will include the opportunity to bring a “plus one” to participate 
    • Most gatherings are 2-3 hours long (including breaks!) and happen via Zoom; participants will be polled to find the best available day and time   
    • Intimate groups of 4-6 participants, with a core team of facilitators from Thousand Currents staff as well as select guest facilitation by movement partners
    • 1:1 coaching sessions in between sessions with Thousand Currents staff 
    • One potential in-person gathering, depending on availability and COVID-19 protocols

I knew intellectually that grassroots organizing was important, but hearing from the organizers directly solidified my belief that they are truly experts and helped to counter some conditioning that I have that I’m still trying to shake. They each had such a complex, wise lens on their issues and how they fit into a bigger picture.”

-2022 Resource Generation Attendee

Who should apply? 

  • Dues-paying members of RG who identify as HNW and/or those who are able to commit to give at least $100,000 themselves or via a family giving vehicle, or who can fundraise at least an additional $100,000 from their community
  • People who have baseline experience with RG — i.e. a praxis group or national retreat
  • No need to have any prior familiarity with Global South grassroots movements, or fundraising 

Why Thousand Currents, why now? 

Thousand Currents believes the answers to the most entrenched societal challenges around the world rest in the hands of directly affected frontline communities. We raise money to fund those communities working in the areas of food, economic, and climate justice. We provide core, flexible, long-term grants and value-added services. 

Thousand Currents also has a 37-year history of transformative donor organizing through our one-to-one relationships, Thousand Currents Academy and other trainings, and through workshop offerings at Resource Generation and other conferences. Read more about Thousand Currents here

Since 2019, we have partnered with Resource Generation members to host giving circles focused on learning, giving, fundraising, and organizing around the climate crisis. 

[The giving circle] has totally flipped my understanding of the relative value, equity, and effectiveness of grassroots solutions as opposed to large top-down solutions around climate change. It also has shown me a new model of what is possible, which I will now seek out in all organizations/movements that I support — trust, true partnership, recognition of the expertise and investment of Indigenous peoples & marginalized groups around their own lands/histories/communities, and shifting power and resources to the frontline.”

-2022 Resource Generation Attendee

Apply here!

Application deadline is August 1, 2022

Questions? Email Jessie Spector, Thousand Currents’ Director of Donor Organizing, at [email protected]

Wanna talk to someone who has participated in a prior RG giving circle? Reach out to Jessie and she’ll directly connect you.