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Showing courage in a world awash in fear

A message from Gerald Richards, former Thousand Currents Board of Directors Chair

We have entered a time where the forces of fear are using their powers to create divisions. They are pointing out our differences rather than our connections, creating wedges and fissures in an attempt to weaken us.

It sounds like a horror or science fiction movie doesn’t it?

Months ago, I would have said yes. That we, as a people, were working to move into a new age of solidarity, but unfortunately we seem to be moving backwards.

Then I watched millions of women marching together, in cities worldwide, beacons of courage to combat fear and renew hope.

Thousand Currents Young Professionals Group meeting up at the Oakland Women's March.

Our differences shouldn’t instill fear. We need to rejoice at the things each of us brings to the table. Understanding our differences enhances our connections and makes us stronger. Only by being courageous enough to accept what women, LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees, and everyone (!) brings to the tapestry of our world, do we have a chance of combating the fear.

I have had the privilege of being a part of Thousand Currents for more than five years, as a board member and as board chair. I have watched as Thousand Currents has built bridges, working to uplift and highlight the work of our grassroots partners and create authentic partnerships in an effort to make lasting change. For 30 years, Thousand Currents has been a positive force, helping our partner organizations combat inequality and injustice in their countries, and now in our own.

We need organizations like Thousand Currents to help bolster us when our courage is waning.

It takes courage to approach and work with those that are different from us, who might not look like us, believe like us, or share our views. We can’t let those who would drown us in fear destroy the partnerships, connections, relationships, and bridges we can build.

To show our collective courage, I hope you will join me in supporting the work of Thousand Currents and our partners.

Together, we are stronger than the darkness.

In solidarity,

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