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The Fuel to Do More: A Donor’s Perspective

By Ravi Agarwal, as told to Deborah Goldberg, Independent Consultant and former Thousand Currents Communications Manager

Traveling and volunteering have always been important parts of my life, and I had wanted to get involved with an organization that worked to decrease poverty in developing countries and Thousand Currents’ approach appealed to me.

I first became a supporter after attending an open house and meeting some of the staff and learning more about Thousand Currents’ grantees.

A few years ago, I volunteered in Tanzania, teaching AIDS awareness programs and working with street children. This experience in particular helped me see poverty up close and inspired me to use my skills and resources to make a difference.

Late last year, I traveled to South Asia. I hosted a party to see my friends before I left. I often do fundraisers at my parties to increase awareness among my friends, hoping in a way to influence them to get involved in social causes, and also raise funds for worthy causes like Thousand Currents.

While in Nepal, I was able to visit with ASHA, a long-time Thousand Currents partner. The staff was incredibly passionate about their work, making huge sacrifices in their own lives.

It was then that Thousand Currents’ work felt even more “real” to me. I could see how effective the grants are in providing grassroots leaders with the fuel to be able to do even more in their communities.

While I’ve started three technology companies and have been an entrepreneur for most of my professional life, now my life has taken a different turn. I recently sold most of my belongings and vacated my apartment in San Francisco. I am now officially without a residence, traveling around the world. The end date is unknown!

Before I left I had another party to sell some remaining items and I donated the proceeds to Thousand Currents. To me, being a supporter involves helping financially, building awareness, and leveraging my skills where I can.

The work of Thousand Currents is possible only through the generosity and commitment of our donor community. All of us at Thousand Currents wish Ravi the best during his exciting adventure!

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