Exchanging Grassroots Brilliance

Thousand Currents funds grassroots groups and movements
led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South.

Thousand Currents is and has always been about two things: supporting communities to determine their own destinies and learning. Thousand Currents continues to have the courage to learn — so it expands, and so can we.

Paul Strasburg

Thousand Currents donor and IDEX co-founder

Let us continue to build communities, strengthen our knowledge, and sharpen our perspectives as the context of every country, including the U.S., is constantly changing. You are a peace builder alongside me.

Mary Tal

Founder and director of Whole World Women Association in Cape Town, South Africa

We weren’t looking for just a charity for charity’s sake. Thousand Currents' unique model makes so much sense. Over the years, it has provided us with more inspiration and excitement.

Max Garcia and Dave Beck

Rotunda Software

For a small organization, we have large ambitions fueled by the fierce and unrelenting commitment of our partners, who take on the even bigger forces of oppressive governments and greedy corporations.

Fahad Ahmad

Chair, Thousand Currents Board of Directors

I look forward to working beside Thousand Currents, its brave partners around the world, and others who are also committed to truth, beauty, and connection as antidotes to fearmongering, greed, and alienation.

Sarah Jones

Tony award-winning playwright and performer and Thousand Currents supporter

I like that Thousand Currents views grassroots groups as having all the expertise that they need, and all they need is funding. … [The organization] develops really close and personal connections with their partners.

Susan Kahn

Thousand Currents supporter

Grassroots Brilliance

Stories of our partners' impact

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Here’s your evidence

Need evidence that bottom-up approaches work?

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Asia | Climate Justice

Here’s your evidence

Need evidence that bottom-up approaches work?

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