Asha Nepal members gathering outside

We envision a world in which self-determined and connected peoples share and uphold the abundance of life.


In 1985, Thousand Currents’ founders recognized a gaping chasm in international development and philanthropy. While billions were allocated for global development, none of the resources were going directly to communities. They saw this as a significant missed opportunity as well as a fundamental issue of equity– how can those most directly impacted by problems receive the least funding? They knew then what we have seen proven over the past three decades: those closest to the problems have the most effective solutions.


Since then, Thousand Currents has been working to resource frontline communities organized as grassroots groups and social movements in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. We move resources in two ways: by making grants directly, and by organizing, educating, and influencing other funders to move money to grassroots and movement formations.