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Thousand Currents envisions a world where humanity thrives as a creative force that is reciprocal and interdependent with nature, and creates loving, equitable, and just societies.



Thousand Currents leverages relationships and resources worldwide in support of social movements building loving, equitable, and just futures, while transforming philanthropic practices.


Theory of Change

When grassroots groups and social movements have the relationships and financial and intellectual resources they desire, they are strengthened to transform the world by changing cultures, systems, and institutions towards self-determination, justice and equity around the world.



Courage: We confront injustice and inequality with love, strength, conviction, and integrity.

Humility: We are part of a greater whole. We are one among many currents. We recognize our place among many forces for good and change that exist in the world.

Experimentation: In order to take principled actions together, we prioritize learning, commit to self-reflection, embrace trial and error, and honor multiple ways of knowing.

Creative collaboration: We share power, practices, and resources to reimagine new ways of living.

Interdependence: With our futures intertwined, we respect all beings and build authentic relationships to move forward together.

Solome Lemma
-Solomé Lemma
Executive Director

Learning from our partners

"Time and again our partners show us that humanity is resilient, resourceful, and capable of transformation, amidst the greatest of challenges."

-Solomé Lemma
Executive Director