Felogene Anumo

Regional Director, Africa
Felogene is a pan-African feminist activist with experience in advancing gender, social, and economic justice through research, advocacy, and capacity strengthening of feminist led organizing. She has previously worked with the AWID, Women in Law and Development in Africa (Kenya Chapter) and the African Women’s Development and Communication Network.

Rachel Arinii

Program Manager, Asia & The Pacific
As an Asian feminist activist committed to social justice and human rights, Rachel Arinii has more than 10 years of experience with social movements in Asia. Previously, she was the East Asia and ASEAN Advocacy Program Manager at the regional human rights organization Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development.

Boipelo Bonokwane

Program Manager, Africa
Boipelo Bonokwane is a Pan African feminist activist who is passionate about the political and economic emancipation of the working class and the poor. She is the recent Pan African Research Coordinator at WoMin Africa alliance.
Headshot of Executive Assistant Sarah Charles

Sarah Charles

Executive and Operations Coordinator
Sarah started her career as an educator, advocate and organizer across different parts of New York state, most recently at Open Society Foundations, where she supported grant making and advocacy portfolios to address the overdose crisis in the United States. In her life before philanthropy, Sarah worked as an activist and coordinator with Citizens Campaign for the Environment, serving as a community organizer for environmental and climate justice campaigns.

Cindy del Rosario-Tapan

Director of Communications
Cindy is a seasoned storyteller and communications professional with extensive experience in executive leadership, narrative strategy, media relations, and marketing initiatives. She previously worked for International Women’s Health Coalition in advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights and held senior communication roles at Columbia University, including at the Mailman School of Public Health and Columbia College.

Jinky Demarest de Rivera

Director of Finance and Administration
Jinky oversees the financial, human resource and organizational effectiveness functions at Thousand Currents. As part of the senior management team, Jinky brings over 20 years of experience in leadership, technical expertise, and strategic thinking. Their history directing nonprofit financial operations spans human rights and social justice organizations in the Bay Area and New York City, starting at the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, then at the Audre Lorde Project, and most recently at Tides.

Crystal Des-Ogugua

Donor Education Manager
Crystal Des-Ogugua (she/her) is a creative learning strategist and curriculum designer who develops innovative educational programming, toolkits, and curricula. She is an educator, lover of Black women’s history, and finds joy in curating and facilitating intergenerational spaces of learning.

Cindy Clark

Vice President, Operations
Cindy Clark is a US-based feminist whose passions include leveraging more resources for self-led feminist organizing and exploring how to build more transformational, resilient organizations.

Amy Gray

Director of Learning and Evaluation
Amy is a believer in the power of learning and evaluation as critical components of social change, and has spent the last 13 years of her career supporting organizations to develop systems, processes and tools to enhance their understanding of effectiveness and impact.

Amanda Fernandes

Grants Operations Manager
Born and raised in Brazil, Amanda Fernandes has a bachelors and teaching degree in Sociology from the State University of Campinas. Passionate about social justice and with an academic background and a hands-on profile, Amanda handles the operations of grants management supporting the nitty gritties of the grantmaking processes at Thousand Currents.

Ayşe Gürsöz

Communications Manager
Ayşe holds a breadth of experience harnessing the power of narrative and new media for social transformation. Working previously at Al Jazeera’s social media network, AJ+, she produced stories that were neglected by mainstream media. She then moved to Public Advocates, where she led digital strategy for a critical housing justice initiative.

Ashlesha Khadse

Regional Director, Asia and the Pacific
Born and raised in India, Ashlesha wears many hats: activist, researcher, and a philanthropy sector professional. Her background is in learning from and supporting Indian and global farmers’ movements like La Via Campesina for more than ten years.

Rajiv Khanna

Director of Philanthropic Partnerships
A native of Bombay, Rajiv leads the Philanthropic Partnerships Program at Thousand Currents, overseeing individual and institutional donor engagement, education, and fundraising. A member of the Leadership Circle of Thrive East Bay, Rajiv is also a recovering academic, who was professionally trained as a historian of international relations with expertise in Modern Europe, South Asia, and the Cold War.

Luam Kidane

Vice President, Global Programs
An African of Eritrean origin, Luam Kidane’s research, writing and curatorial work examines movement building at the intersections of Indigenous governance models, cultural production and articulations of self-determination. Prior to joining Thousand Currents, Luam worked as a researcher and strategist on food sovereignty, political economy, gender, sexuality, climate justice and cultural production.
Solome Lemma

Solomé Lemma

Executive Director
As Executive Director, Solomé is responsible for setting strategy and ensuring that Thousand Currents remains a dynamic, innovative, and impactful organization, rooted in its movement partners.

H.T. Masaki

Director of Grants Operations
Masaki, born and raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i, is a feminist, a lifelong student, and a connector. Her background includes feminist research and activism, student organizing, and various roles in women’s rights and social justice organizations.

Deepa Ranganathan

Editorial Manager
Deepa is a brown feminist writer, reader and storyteller from South India, who has dedicated most of her career to uplifting stories that center the perspectives of the most marginalized, unacknowledged and under-recognized people. A former journalist at The New Indian Express, she has worked and consulted with non profits that are committed to advancing a feminist agenda.

Sandra Silva

Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
Born and raised in the countryside of Brazil, Sandra has dedicated her career to social justice. She holds a Master’s and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and has extensive experience in political organizing, alliance building, and executive support to grassroots movements, movement support organizations, and political organizations, especially in Latin America and Africa.

Natalia V.

Senior Grant Writer
Natalia is a grant writer, resource mobilizer, and activist grounded in community and rooted in a vision for liberation and just futures for all living systems in our world. She has spent nearly a decade of her career mobilizing resources to support local, national, and international movements and advocacy.

Rachel Smith

Director of Technology
Rachel is adequate at technology and has a knack for problem-solving, which is why she never puts her computer in the freezer - it's always freezing.

Paul Kim

Technology Manager
Paul started his work with the social justice movement as a volunteer for the immigrant communities in the US. Before joining Thousand Currents, he was helping various organizations with their many technology needs.

Jessie Spector

Director of Donor Organizing
Jessie organizes donors and supporters of Thousand Currents to engage and leverage their whole selves in support of social justice. Having worked with individual donors and funders for nearly a decade, she is committed to organizing people with financial privilege to be in solidarity and partnership with frontline communities.

Katherine Zavala

Director of Organizational Effectiveness
A native of Peru, Katherine has journeyed through years of learnings, strategic shifts, experimentation, and relationship-building in global philanthropy since 2006. At Thousand Currents, she leads the Learning Initiatives Team with a focus on strengthening org-wide internal systems, including integrating movement-centric learning and evaluation systems, and cultivating a learning and values-based culture.