Our Partners

Our partners take on big corporations to keep their communities safe from environmental hazards. They build women-owned cooperatives that hold millions of dollars in assets. They save local seeds and promote indigenous farming practices to sustain people and the land.  

Our partners are visionaries, exchanging grassroots brilliance in their neighborhoods and nations, and developing solutions that are innovative and impactful.

They do all the work. We provide the funding. Together, we have a commitment to mutual trust, reciprocal learning, and deep partnership.

Current Partners

We develop long-term relationships with visionary grassroots groups led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples.

Thousand Currents finds its partners through research, referrals, and site visits. We conduct due diligence to select partners that are accountable, financially sound, and transparent. 

Once we agree to enter into a a partnership with a group, we provide flexible, unrestricted, long-term support. 

Catalyst Partners

After identifying potential prospective groups through research, referrals, and site visits, Thousands Currents begins its relationship with partner organizations through its catalyst grants program. We provide approximately $5,000 of unrestricted funding for a period lasting six to 12 months. The small grant creates an opportunity for Thousand Currents and the catalyst partner to collaborate over a short term to assess the potential for a longer term partnership. After this period, Thousand Currents may invite the Catalyst Partner to engage in a long-term partnership.

Thousand Currents does not accept unsolicited requests for funding or proposals.

Senior Partners

Thousand Currents believes in deep and long-term relationships. We are committed to leveraging resources and connections for our partners and amplifying their solutions.

Partners are eligible to become a Senior Partner when the partner has either:

  • met its objectives;
  • outgrown our support because of an increase in its size and budget; or
  • made a strategic shift that has taken its work outside of our solution areas.

We continue to support Senior Partners through learning exchanges and conference opportunities, and by connecting them to awards or funding opportunities.

Grassroots Brilliance

Stories of our partners' impact

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