Kenyan Partners in field

Lasting change takes time. It requires an approach that is nonlinear, flexible, and multi prong. In order to fund our movement partners through many cycles of change, we provide various forms of support.


Key features of our grantmaking:


Core: We provide core funding because our partners know best how to allocate their resources to move forward work on food sovereignty, climate justice and economic justice that is advancing systems change.

Longer Term: Systems change work is not linear nor is it usually achieved over a short period of time.  For that reason, Thousand Currents’ commits to funding movements over the longer term.

Agile: In ever changing global landscapes, we understand that some resources need to be deployed quickly or over the shorter term in order to ensure that movements are resourced to meet emerging global moments. For that reason, we also distribute shorter-term grants.

Scale: Thousand Currents funds and equally values different manifestations of scale because scale “can be depth, can be breadth, and it can be influence.”

Creative: Through creativity and propositional ways of working, we foster spaces where we can innovate our philanthropic practices.


Thematic Partners

Thematic funding supports the longer-term work of  formations working on climate justice, food sovereignty, and economic justice with 10 years of core funding. Thematic partners also have access to supplemental funding for emergencies, security responses, learning initiatives, travel, and support for experimental initiatives designed to strengthen their work.

Tactical Partners

Tactical funding supports work on strategic litigation, popular education, cultural production and campaigns that are strengthening climate justice, food sovereignty and economic justice movement infrastructure through 1-to-3-year grants. Tactical partners also have access to supplemental funding for emergencies, security response, learning initiatives, and travel.

A group photo of a movement partner in Nepal.

Our Movement Partners

Thousand Currents finds partners through research, referrals, and site visits. We conduct due diligence to select partners that are accountable, financially sound, and transparent.

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A group photo of a movement partner in Nepal.