Women wearing masks and holding banners and placards as they walk on the street

Collectively, we are building towards a world of food sovereignty, economic and climate justice.


From climate to inequality, the world is now at a crossroads. This is the moment for us to come together and create bold solutions that will solve food, climate, and economic injustice. 


For nearly 4 decades, Thousand Currents has built relationships with people around the world who are most directly impacted by these multiple crises. These movements are building lasting solutions, but they are often ignored, pushed aside, or underfunded. Thousand Currents takes a different approach. We move money to fill that gap, and influence others in our sector to do the same.


By facilitating the flow of resources between donors and our movement partners, we provide the support needed to reimagine our systems. Our flexible approach provides community-led social movements with the space to experiment, innovate, and adapt.


This is only the beginning. For our movements to succeed in their work of building a better future, philanthropy will also need to change. Thousand Currents is committed to ensuring philanthropy is rooted in justice and equity. Our donor education programs are shifting the balance of power, breaking down silos, and promoting solidarity.