Current Vacancies

Title: Fundraising Consultant, Europe (based in UK or Europe)
Term: Contract (ASAP Until 30 June 2018)
Schedule: 22.5 hrs or 3 days a week
Position Reports to: Director of Philanthropic Partnerships

Position Summary:
The Fundraising Consultant, Europe, will play a crucial role in building on existing relationships and firmly establishing the presence of Thousand Currents’ (Formerly IDEX) in the European philanthropy sector. This position will partner closely with the Director of Philanthropic Partnerships (DPP), the Philanthropic Partnerships Team, and the Executive Director in generating Institutional support by persuasively communicating Thousand Currents’ mission and programs to potential funders, sharing our model, and building Thousand Currents’ reputation as a learning resource, and a credible model of international grassroots grantmaking and social justice philanthropy.

The Fundraising Consultant, Europe, brings to this work a commitment to human rights and social justice values and to ensuring that Thousand Currents’ fundraising is consistent with our Fundraising Vision and with the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics.

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Title: Research Consultant
Term Contract: Contract (ASAP Until 30 September 2018)
Schedule: Per proposed scope of work
Position Reports to:Executive Director

Terms of Reference
Thousand Currents and The 11th Hour Project in collaboration with a group of donors and civil society groups are seeking to support farmer-led food sovereignty movements in Africa by increasing our collective understanding of the range of global financial flows that are supporting and aggressively pursuing the industrialization of agriculture in Africa.

A broad range of public and private sector actors are financing and driving a so-called “new green revolution” in Africa with the stated intent to “feed the future” while a growing movement of farmers and civil society advocates have denounced the industrial agriculture push in Africa as a source of large-scale land grabs, food insecurity, climate change, the degradation of African soils, weakened biodiversity, the repression of Indigenous voices, and human rights violations. Across the continent, farmers and a broad spectrum of civil society organizations are progressively mobilizing and seeking to build pathways for increased support to food sovereignty and to interventions that put people rather than capital at the center.

We are seeking a consultant that can conduct research to map the web of financial flows to this industrialized agriculture model in Africa as well as the degrees of influence that various players are exerting on, among other targets, governments, civil society, academic institutions, international financials institutions, researchers and African farmers.

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