A Playlist to Soundtrack My Journey to The Buen Vivir Fund

By Nina Robinson, Buen Vivir Fund Fellow

Nina Robinson, Buen Vivir Finance Fellow

I believe that music and transformation go hand & hand, as feminist activist Emma Goldman says, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

I have always drawn inspiration from songs of protest from the Civil Rights era. As Nina Simone says it is the role of artist to reflect the times and raise consciousness. This playlist reflects my own journey of transforming rage into purpose. Embracing the role of financial activist, I am inspired to learn from a team that values experimentation and courage in order to question and challenge the financial models that perpetuate economic disparities and harm Mother Earth.

Transformation is what our world needs to address the daunting challenges in front of us. My journey to becoming a Buen Vivir Fund Fellow has been the realization that my own freedom and liberation cannot exist until everyone is liberated, be it poverty, greed, fear or isolation. It is the realization that if the planet suffers, we all suffer in some shape or form. The concept of Buen Vivir comes from Latin American indigenous movements and implies “right living” or life in balance with community, natural systems, and future generations. It is also through this deep spirit of interconnectivity that the Buen Vivir Fund was created.

This two year journey I am embarking on with The Buen Vivir Fund and The Novo Foundation shows promise of transformation as well.  Building upon 2,934 hours of collective wisdom that went into co-designing a new model of investment that reimagines traditional notions of risk and return, embraces our interconnectedness and inherent wisdom, and emboldens investment terms that truly empower the Thousand Current grassroots partners.

All of this amounts to a new way of thinking and practicing impact investing, finance, and our world economy as a whole. A model in which the true spirit of Buen Vivir is embodied – a fund structured to shift power and redistribute wealth while creating healing and transformative experiences for everyone involved.

I am deeply humbled and inspired to be a a part of it. In honor of this new journey, I created a playlist of songs inspired by the guiding principles of Thousand Currents and the Buen Vivir Fund. Songs that represent freedom and economic justice, collective wisdom and interconnection, protecting Mother Earth, while of course, also inspiring us to sing, dance & be transformed!

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