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Thousand Currents Academy: Funding Climate Solutions

Thousand Currents is pleased to announce the inaugural Thousand Currents Academy: Funding Climate Solutions 

As the philanthropic sector increases resources for climate change, it is important for us to consider what we fund, who we fund, and how we fund so that we can meet the unprecedented scale of the crisis with an equally unprecedented scale of response. 

Thousand Currents has created this specialized Academy to create a learning space to engage with some of the most pressing issues and questions as we all consider how to best support climate solutions. 

Participant Selection Process: 

The April 2022 Academy cohort will be selected through an invitation process in order to suit the focus of this year’s theme. To be considered for future open application Academies you can submit an interest form or contact [email protected] for more information. 

What are the goals of the Thousand Currents Academy?

  • Grounding in history, agency, body, and vision
  • Connect philanthropists and impact investors to grassroots wisdom
  • Align practices with learning and transformation
  • Uplift grassroots solutions tackling the root causes of the climate crisis

What’s unique about the Thousand Currents Academy?

  • Global South grassroots faculty
  • Innovative learning modalities
  • Built on a 36-year history of grantmaking practice
  • Embraces language justice principles
  • Rooted in Global South, Indigenous and radical Black feminist traditions