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Most people think of writing a check when they want to make a charitable gift. However, gifts may be made with many types of property. You can receive significant tax advantages by donating securities rather than cash.

Many Thousand Currents donors have found that they achieve substantial savings by giving appreciated securities (stocks or bonds that have grown in value since they were originally purchased). You may deduct the full market value of appreciated securities, and avoid any obligation to pay capital gains taxes.

Behind every gift is your story. It contains your personal motive to do good in the world.

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Standout image of three people: one is a woman who is garlanded, holidng her hands in a namaste pause, wearing a saree and smiling. One is an Indigenous man holding a plant. One is a Black woman, smiling and holding a bunch of carrots.

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Thousand Currents finds its partners through research, referrals, and site visits. We conduct due diligence to select partners that are accountable, financially sound, and transparent.

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