Dreaming bigger: We can all thrive in a just economy

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December 5, 2022

Is the present economy causing you anxiety? Is soaring inflation leaving you with unforeseen budget cuts? Are you rethinking how to approach finances given that we are cohabiting an era of doom and precariousness? You’re not alone.

Jorge Santiago, former director of Thousand Currents’ movement partner, Desarrollo Económico y Social de los Mexicanos Indígenas, and author of Political Solidarity Economy, addresses these very questions in this recorded conversation with Nwamaka Agbo and Solomé Lemma.

As the economic dislocations produced by the ongoing wars heighten threats to Western democracy and contribute to a looming recession, we are left desperately seeking hope and relief from the pain of our economic woes that have disproportionately affected the most vulnerable communities.

We have been engaging with our long-time advisor and solidarity economy practitioner, Jorge Santiago, about how to dream bigger of a different economic reality. With Nwamaka Agbo and Solomé Lemma, they discuss what is possible when we build a model together in practice and principle.

Solidarity economy is one such alternative that centers community and collectivity while also restoring practices that help build fair economies. It is a new model that enables production processes that could transform unfair relationships, and defend territories from the interests of transnational corporations.

In this inspirational exchange, we explore the history, principles, and practices of political and economic solidarity.

Meet our Speakers:

Jorge Santiago is the former director of Desarrollo Económico y Social de los Mexicanos Indígenas (Social and Economic Development for Indigenous Mexicans), where he worked from 1974-2008 developing economic alternatives in over 200 Indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico. This conversation is centered on his most recent book, Political Solidarity Economies based on decades of experience accompanying Indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico. Click here to learn more about Jorge and his work.

Nwamaka Agbo is the CEO of the Kataly Foundation and Managing Director of the Restorative Economies Fund (REF). With a background in community organizing, electoral campaigns, policy and advocacy work on racial, social and environmental justice issues, Nwamaka is deeply committed to supporting projects that build resilient, healthy and self-determined communities rooted in shared prosperity. Click here to learn more about her work.

Solomé Lemma is the Executive Director at Thousand Currents. Born in Ethiopia, she is a champion of social transformation through community-driven initiatives. She is a White House Champion of Change for her work with diaspora communities, a fierce supporter of local leadership, and a strong voice against “inequitable and ineffective partnerships.” Click here to read her full bio.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we pivoted with this webinar and put this valuable resource together. Special thank you to our featured speakers and co-sponsors: The Kataly FoundationJustice Funders, and The EDGE Funders Alliance.

Crystal is the Donor Education Manager at Thousand Currents. Crystal Des Ogugua