Founded in 2008 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Alianza Biodiversidad

Defending biodiversity and the right to land and territory in Latin America

The Alianza Biodiversidad is a collaborative of 13 organizations that work in Latin America. Their main goal is to strengthen food sovereignty in the region by disseminating grassroots movement work on agroecology and the defense of biodiversity and the right to land and territory. The organizations that compose Alianza Biodiversidad aim to protect the region from the plundering of territories, environmental resources, and knowledge. They believe that the hegemonic food system based on agribusiness and monoculture needs to shift to a model based on self-determination, peasant agroecology, solidarity economics, and the incorporation of ancestral seeds and knowledge. Alianza Biodiversidad uses communications, publications, research, popular education, and alliance building to support peasant and Indigenous movements’ communications, capacity, and advocacy work.

Alianza Biodiversidad started from the experience of publishing the magazine Biodiversidad, Sustento y Culturas which has been in circulation since 1994 and so far has 114 issues that feature food sovereignty-related stories from the ground up and articles that discuss the challenges facing food and biodiversity. They have provided several online and in-person training sessions and are currently working on an annual training programme for agroecology schools around the region that support peasant and smallholder farmers. Alianza Biodiversidad has  become an important convergence of groups that are coordinating and forging common visions also amongst movements, Indigenous peoples, and urban food movements throughout Latin America.