Founded in 2019 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Aquelarre RD (Aquelarre Bonao)

Fostering Buen Vivir with an anti-racist, feminist perspective

Aquelarre RD is the first anti-racist feminist collective founded in the province of Moseñor Nouel  by young Afro-descendant activist women, sexual dissidents from the popular sectors, environmental militants, and former militants in the student movement. Aquelarre RD arises from the need to address race and class issues beyond the essentialism of sex and gender, in addition to addressing the specific condition of the people who inhabit the territories in the province of Monseñor Nouel which is severely affected by environmental racism and the extractivism carried out by multinational companies. They work to foster processes of political education and collective consciousness from below aiming to change mentalities, build community and change any colonial, racist, patriarchal and heterosexist structures as they work towards the Buen Vivir and living in harmony with to shift the economic focus from exploitation, sexism, consumerism, and extractivism to sustainability, food sovereignty, Buen Vivir (good living), and harmony with Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Aquelarre RD’s work is organized into four strategic axes:

1- Environmental justice and defense of territory

2- Popular education and anti-racism

3- Reproductive justice and economic justice

4- Artivism

They use popular education and direct actions in conjunction with the affected communities and a coalition of environmental and social justice formations to stop harmful infrastructure projects.

Aquelarre RD organizes communities in defense of the water, especially the Masipedro river, and they have co-organized massive demonstrations for environmental protection. Currently, they are building a women-led national anti-racist environmental coalition with the aim of building a national action plan in which the protection of the environment is at the core. Together with other community allies, they are also building an autonomous community plant nursery and community gardens.