Founded in 2016 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Badobon Sangho

Ensuring effective participation of marginalized women

Based in southern Bangladesh, Badabon Sangho is a feminist and membership-based women’s rights movement federation and aims to establish a society that upholds freedom of expression, and full and effective participation of all people, especially women and girls, in social and economic development processes. With over 1200 members, Badabon Sangho represents various marginalized groups that depend on natural resources for their livelihood such as farmers, Dalit peoples, Indigenous peoples, widows or divorced women, religious minorities, fishers, and migrant workers.

Even though women in Bangladesh legally own 15.8% of rural land, their effective land ownership is only 4%, mainly due to patriarchal norms, religious practices, and laws, especially affecting marginalized groups of women who are Dalit, Adivasi, farmers, fisherfolk, and migrant workers. Commercialization of land further restricts land access. Badabon Sangho focuses on women’s land and water rights by building women’s leadership and creating women’s collective associations for advocacy and livelihood activities. They also emphasize climate justice and natural resource protection while challenging hate speeches and violence against Dalit women to end caste based discrimination.