Founded in 2018 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Coletivo Caranguejo Tabaiares Resiste

Ensuring the wellbeing of the Caranguejo Tabaiares community in Brazil

The Coletivo Caranguejo Tabaiares Resiste is a grassroots collective in Recife, in the Northeast region of Brazil, aiming to secure the right of the Caranguejo Tabaiares community to housing, territory, memory, culture, safety and well being. Caranguejo Tabaiares is a six thousand strong community of fisherfolks on the banks of the Capibaribe River, and is composed of mainly Afro Descendant women and their children who are continually harassed by political and business parties interested in land grabbing.

Coletivo Caranguejo was founded in 2018 to resist the displacement of the community from their territory by infrastructure project developments. They use campaigns, popular education, direct action, cultural activities, advocacy, alliance building, and strategic litigation to defend their territory, empower their community, and address environmental racism. They believe that agroecology is a key tool to reach food sovereignty and their main initiatives include a community garden and a community kitchen that is also able to provide an income.

In 2019, they organized the ‘Terra Prometida’ cultural political festival providing visibility to the right to housing; they also created ‘Mulheres Semeando Resistência’, a group of 80 women who were provided different training programs on agroecology, environmental protection, environmental racism, proper disposal of garbage, handicraft, care, and racial awareness. Furthermore, they organize regular film screenings and debates related to the challenges faced by the community, and hold a research initiative that documents their ancestral histories and retains the memories of their community.