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Comité Campesino del Altiplano

Fighting for peasant rights and agrarian reform

Comité Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA) was founded in 1982 to protect the rights of Indigenous communities threatened by the government in power during Guatemala’s civil war. At the time, Indigenous and peasant farmers were being persecuted, repressed, displaced, and extra judicially executed by the army.

Human rights violations continue to persist. Due to an increase in criminalization of social movements and dispossession and land grabbing for the production and expansion of monocultures and extractive megaprojects, CCDA works across 20 states in Guatemala on the following issues:

  • Rural development and agrarian reform,
  • Organizing models for rural women and men,
  • Production, transformation and commercialization,
  • Strengthening community development, and
  • Food Sovereignty.

CCDA has been successful in securing land for 81 families in Alta VeraPaz, securing the freedom of 5 political leaders, and creating economic opportunities for over 100 families. Additionally, CCDA reclaims its ancestral heritage and Buen Vivir philosophy to work for human rights and Mother Earth.

Learn more about CCDA’s work on our blog.

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