Founded in 2011 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Comite Ouest Africain des Semences Paysannes

Networking to prioritize seed sovereignty

Founded in 2011, the Comité Ouest Africain des Semences Paysannes (COASP), is a west African network for peasant seed production and valorization as well as for the monitoring of seed sovereignty and promotion of agroecology. It was established during the third West African Peasant Seed Fair in Djimini, Senegal. COASP’ work is aimed at protecting the knowledge systems and sacred practices of Indigenous peoples. It considers farmers' seeds not as a source of income, but rather as a shared good for food and agriculture, healing and tradition. COASP’s leaders strive to obtain information on specific national and regional laws dealing with seed systems, translate and communicate all information gathered to the groups and farmers who are part of the network, coordinate seed exchanges, identify resource persons and institutions which can support small farmers’ struggles for seed sovereignty, and to link the network to solidarity networks and groups working in the same field. Peasant seeds are deeply linked to ancestral heritage and are essential to the lives and livelihoods of Indigenous communities.