Founded in 1999 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2009

Educación para la Paz

Bringing communities together to build local living economies

Educación para la Paz  (EduPaz) uses agroecological practices to advance food sovereignty, and provides micro-credit and educational programs to build a solidarity economy model with gender equity, along the border region of Chiapas. EduPaz looks for economic alternatives with goals of meeting the vital needs of all people, rather than profit without any consideration for humanity.

In its almost two decades of experience, EduPaz’s work has been guided towards building a people-led, solidarity economy-based model centering the needs of Indigenous and peasant farming communities. EduPaz accompanies 18 communities across six municipalities in Chiapas to:

  • Make their own decisions through their own collective process,
  • Create a common fund for building economic autonomy,
  • Build viable production-based activities
  • Request and invest a small loan to start these activities, and
  • Liaise with other entities for collaborative efforts.

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