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Grupo Género y Economía

Rural and urban feminists claiming their space

Grupo Género y Economía (GGE) is an alliance of Peruvian rural and urban feminist social organizations that are committed to raising awareness about women’s issues and building a solidarity economy through gender equity and social justice. Founded in 1992, they serve as capacity builders, facilitators, and alliance builders of women’s movements across Peru to ensure local contributions are part of decision-making at the national level, such as participatory budgeting processes. GGE is also a member of the World March of Women, and as such, navigates between global spaces and local spaces in Peru.

Some of their aims / activities include:

  • Creating paths towards food sovereignty by promoting agroecology, family gardens, Indigenous practices, the defense of land and territory, the conservation of the biodiversity of native seeds, and access to local markets,
  • Strengthening and advocating for women’s economic autonomy, such as: building income, self-managed economic initiatives, and associations for buying and selling goods for rural, popular, and solidarity economies
  • Promoting a consultative process and women’s agenda in organizations, social movements, and public policies within governments and institutions at local, regional, and national levels

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