Founded in 2011 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2019

Health of Mother Earth Foundation

Advocating for climate justice and safeguarding the rights of Mother Earth

Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) is an ecological think tank founded in 2011 that advocates for environmental and climate justice and food sovereignty in Nigeria, South Sudan and Africa at large.

The work of HOMEF is directed by 3 core ideas:

  • The importance of safeguarding the rights of Mother Earth;
  • Centralizing community voices in protest against oppression and pollution in their environment;
  • Pursuing  justice in people’s engagement with the environment and nature’s cycles at policy, corporate and individual levels.

HOMEF sees the exploitation of nature as a reflection of the unjust relations that currently exist between people and the socio-political, gender and economic crises in society. HOMEF has 3 programmatic areas which make up its work: hunger politics, fossil politics, and Ikike – a knowledge space comprising the Sustainability Academy, School of Ecology and Community Dialogues.