Founded in 2017 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2019

La Red Nacional de Mujeres Productoras de la Agricultura Familiar (RENAF)

Uplifting women farmers and strengthening agroecology

La Red Nacional de Mujeres Productoras de la Agricultura Familiar (RENAF) brings together women farmers across Peru to uplift women’s role in agriculture, promote farmer-to-farmer learning exchanges, and advocate strategies at the local, state and national level. Founded in 2017 out of an intent to strengthen Peru’s small, family farming sector, given that over 70 per cent of the food that Peruvians consume comes from small farms, La Red de Mujeres brings together 19 organizations led by women farmers from the coast, Andes and Amazon regions. Its main focus areas are:

  • Right to food,
  • Land and territory,
  • Sustainable development, and
  • Women’s rights.

Their key activities include:

  • Strengthening agroecological practices based on local ancestral knowledge,
  • Recovery of organic agriculture to produce healthy crops,
  • Sustainable management of water resources such as hydroponics and artisanal fishing,
  • Agroforestry management, and
  • Strengthening rural women leadership.

Recently, to counteract the neglect of agrarian interests including the advance of genetically modified crops and the climate emergency, La Red de Mujeres and other peasant-farmer organizations organized a national agricultural strike in May 2019, which led to increasing government spending in the agricultural sector by 11 per cent.

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