Founded in 2015 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Mother’s Haven

Protecting the human rights of rural queer and transpersons

Founded in 2015, Mother’s Haven is a rural formation of queer women and transgender men, working to protect and advance the fundamental human rights of rural LBTQ persons and their children. Food sovereignty is central to Mother’s Haven, as their work is rooted in the relationship LBTQ people have with the land, allowing them access to land for food and economic sovereignty.

Mother’s Haven challenges harmful cultural norms that result in forced marriages and “corrective” rape. It provides rural LBTQ members the freedom to escape abusive relationships, and centers the struggle for self determination as anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal struggle in the following ways:

  • trainings for transgender and queer women in the form of agroecological farming and basic financial literacy skills.
  • Focus group discussions mainly focusing on the issues of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR)
  • Livelihood projects to supplement the income of rural LBTQ persons and their children living with HIV.
  • Tutorials on digital literacy, physical security, communication and interpersonal skills.

Cover photography by Tall Grass Media