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Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Women, water, and energy are not commodities!

Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens (MAB) is a national social movement that fights for the rights of populations affected and threatened by dams, and advocates for the construction of a new people-led energy model in Brazil. MAB was founded in 1991, after large hydroelectric plants led to numerous social and environmental impacts during Brazil’s military dictatorship regime, and water and energy, formerly public domains, were privatized. The construction of dams affects peasant, Quilombola, Indigenous, and riverine communities, regardless of whether they stand evicted by the dams. MAB is the main movement that works exclusively and directly with populations affected by dams in the country at different levels:

  1. At the local level, they support projects and affected populations with reliable information about development, discuss local issues, learn about their rights and fight collectively for them;
  2. At the regional level, they support the strategies of coordinated committees in various locations that are affected by dams; and
  3. At the national level, they focus on political advocacy, denunciation of emblematic cases, and the integration of action between the 19 states where MAB is present.

MAB is also part of La Via Campesina.

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