Founded in 2010 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2024

Natural Resource Women Platform

Women’s rights to access and control land, water and food

Natural Resource Women Platform (NRWP) was founded in 2010 as the Liberia Forest Women Platform. NRWP is a feminist movement working to support women’s rights to access and control land, water, and food. NRWP gives natural resource-dependent women a platform to express their ideas and concerns about the challenges threatening their livelihoods. It opposes harmful environmental practices that undermine the relationship that women have with forests, and emphasizes the role of women as guardians of forest ecosystems. NRWP amplifies the voices of Liberia’s marginalized women and advocates for their sovereignty in making decisions over communal resources, while developing a collective action plan to address the challenges that women on the platform face. NRWP’s role is to make sure that audience, space, and medium are provided to women in their communities to express those grievances.