Founded in 2010 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2019

Nous Sommes la Solution

Strengthening rural women’s movements for food sovereignty

Nous Sommes la Solution (NSS) or ‘We Are the Solution’ is a rural women’s movement for food sovereignty in West Africa. Founded in 2011 as a campaign against industrial agriculture and the Green Revolution, NSS is now a movement made up of over 500 rural women’s associations from Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Guinea.

NSS has 3 central objectives:

  1. the use and promotion of traditional knowledge and practices transmitted from generation to generation, which supports food sovereignty and the preservation of peasant seeds;
  2. to promote family farming through peasant agroecology
  3. to influence decision makers and promote better governance in agriculture

NSS’ work stems from the assertion that the chronic problems of hunger and landlessness will continue to exist in Africa unless corporate-controlled agriculture and initiatives are replaced by peasant, regenerative and sustainable agroecological practices, which centralizes small scale farmers, farmer-managed seed systems, and the community. NSS uplifts and grows the leadership of rural women working towards African solutions for food sovereignty.

NSS envisions an Africa where rural women are involved in decision-making, cultivate, process, sell and consume the products grown and made by smallholder farmers while preserving the environment for harmonious and sustainable development.